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Airon engineering

Our offer includes comprehensive services
related to the processing of steel

Wide range of services in metalworking

Comprehensive implementation of orders

We are capable of large-scale production

Advanced welding expertise with certificates

Airon Engineering has many years of experience in the metalworking industry. Owing to continuous modernisation of the machine park and improvement of qualifications among its employees, our company has quickly been recognised both on the domestic and European markets, gaining the position of a reliable and solid supplier of steel products and constructions mainly for the railway, hospital furniture, agricultural machines, roads and shipyard industries. Owing to the dynamic development our production capacities allow small and precise details and large-size structures to be provided in competitive prices.

The following certificates are the guarantee of our effective management and high quality of products:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate
  • Welding Quality Management System - PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007
  • Certificate for railway welding plants - PN-EN 15085 (in the highest class - CL-1)
  • PN-EN ISO 1090 EXC 3 Quality system for the manufacture of steel and aluminium construction in the construction sector
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system

Our services include:

  • CNC laser cutting of tubes, profiles and angles,
  • CNC laser cutting of metal sheets,
  • metal sheet bending on CNC presses,
  • CNC bending of profiles, tubes and angles,
  • MIG/MAG/TIG welding,
  • CNC machining.

You are kindly invited to make yourself familiar with the characteristics of our machine park, which, as we hope, will be useful in giving you a good sense of our capacities and will encourage you to initiate cooperation with us.

We inform that Airon Investment Group S.A. which includes Airon Engineering has debuted on the Catalyst bond market.

Our customers

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Airon in numbers

 on the market since 2004  
 the number of employees 150  
The heads of our lasers for the fifth time”circled” the earth, for a total of more than 200000 km of cuts.

2D and 3D laser cutting

  • beveling up to 45°,
  • maximum metal sheet size: 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm,
  • cutting precision (depending on the thickness and length of the material): 0.01 mm - 0.1 mm,
  • engravings and markings on demand
  • maximum thickness of materials:
    • carbon steel - 25 mm,
    • stainless steel - 15 mm,
    • aluminium - 12 mm.

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2D and 3D laser cutting of profiles and tubes

3D tube and profile cutting of the following parameters:

  • maximum length: up to 8.5 m,
  • maximum diameter: up to 220 mm,
  • maximum material thickness:
  • carbon steel - 15 mm,
  • stainless steel - 8 mm,
  • aluminium - 5 mm.

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Large-size plasma cutting

  • cutting range: 15 m × 3 m,
  • a tilting head for plate bevelling: from 0° to 45°
  • maximum plate thickness up to 60 mm - plasma cutting,
  • maximum plate thickness up to 200 mm – oxygen cutting.

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Large-size sheet bending – up to 15 m

  • total bending length: 15 m,
  • pressure force: 2,000 tonnes
  • gap width: 2,3 m,
  • ram stroke: 1,1 m,
  • back gauge stroke in X-axis: 2,05 m.


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Bending profiles and tubes

In December of this year, Our company launch fully electric 14 -axis bender Italian manufacturer BLM Group for pipes and profiles with the ability to bend left and right sided.

The basic parameters of the new bender type BLM E - TURN 52 are as follows:

  • Max. diameter - 52mm, Minimum diameter - 6mm,
  • Max. bending length - 6 000 mm,
  • The number of controlled axes CNC - 14,
  • The tolerances in all electrical axes 14: + / - 0.05.
  • The ability to import STEP and IGES files.

The main advantages of the new bender are:

  • Capability of producing complex parts without the need to work in several cycles without separate operations on the parts which are not yet completed.
  • Easy to control the machine and the possibility of having equipment still installed , since both can be mounted up to 8 instruments ( 4 left and 4 right).
  • The practical advantage is the high operating speed (2000 mm / s at a pressure of 1000 kg ) over the cycle and high precision of the machine , due to the configuration of all-electric and automatic control of all 14 axes.

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Welding MIG, MAG, TIG

Airon Investment S.A. has implemented a quality management system compliant with the PN EN ISO 3834-2:2007 welding standard. The company has also been certified according to PN-EN 15085, top certification level CL1.

These certificates confirm fulfillment of structural, production and quality requirements, as well as requirements regarding control of research and documentation.

We have MIG / MAG and TIG semi-automatic welding machines for: carbon steel (both structural and stainless), argon shielded welding, small and large workpieces.

We get support of our experienced and reliable partners in case of complex investment projects that require comprehensive welding services in difficult and unfavourable conditions.

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The VF-6 vertical machining center has the following parameters:

  • X-axis traverse of 1626 mm, Y-axis traverse 813 mm and Z-axis traverse - 762 mm
  • Additionally programmable fourth axis allows for parts of up to 300 mm diameter
  • Precision of positioning +/-0,008 mm
  • Repeatability of positioning +/-0,005 mm


The highest standards of quality


Welding certificates

Airon Investment joint stock company implemented welding quality management system compliant with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 3834-2 standard (quality requirements regarding metal welding in the full quality requirements option), and it obtained a welding certificate PN-EN 15085 (welding of rail vehicles and their components at the highest level CL1).

These standards testify fulfilment of requirements regarding design, production and quality aspects, as well as the requirements regarding control, research and documentation.

We have semi-automatic MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines that are used for welding: carbon (structural) and stainless steel, argon shielding and gas mixtures, small and large elements.

Current certificates

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Operational control and measuring instruments

Spatial measurements with a 3D FARO Titanium Arm
We offer measurement services with FARO Titanium Arm – a quality coordinate measuring device:

  • working space: 2.4 m,
  • repositionable,
  • accuracy: ± 0.072 mm.


Linear Height Gauge LH-600 E / EG
All-purpose and multi-functional model with an air-bag
Accuracy: (1,1 + 0,6 L / 600) L = measuring length in mm

Roughness meter Surfest sj 310
Compliant with the international standards: DIN, EN ISO, ANSI, JIS, VDA.

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We are certified

The latest generation of machines

News in AIRON

Airon Investment S.A.
8 Bogdana Raczkowskiego Str.

Tel.: +48 52 362 95 95 pl en de fr es
Fax : +48 52 362 92 69
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The District Court in Bydgoszcz,
XIII Commercial Division
National Court Register

NIP: 554-291-76-25
REGON: 341247950
KRS: 0000412048

Company share capital:
26.947.332,00 PLN

GPS N: 53° 5' 44'' E:18° 3' 55''

The entrance to the AIRON from city center

Due to the fact that the company is located at the new street that not all of the maps and navigation have in the system, here there is a description how to find us.
Guided to the company from the city center, you can type in the navigation "ul. Glinki 155, 85-861 Bydgoszcz " this is the address of the company Polon Alpha. We pass this company on the left when driving straight towards the roundabout. At the roundabout on the left. Then after the railroad tracks to the right you pass the corner of the company LIFOCOLOR. Going straight on the right side the 4th black-grey building with corrugated sheet outside, you are at AIRON INVESTMENT

The entrance to the AIRON from the national road No. 10

Take the national road No. 10 ( southern bypass of Bydgoszcz), on 271- kilometer you should go right into the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park. There, guided all the time by of way with priority to the roundabout, at the roundabout to the right, passing on the right side the company HOLKAP. Then after the railroad tracks to the right you pass the corner of the company LIFOCOLOR. Going straight on the right side the 4th black-grey building with corrugated sheet outside, you are at AIRON INVESTMENT.

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